We would like for all of our guests to have a wonderful stay here with us. Please help us by being considerate of other guests who are staying here too.

1. NO loud music! No music is to be played from a car sound system, hi-fi or speakers. Music played in the rooms or public areas is to be at a moderate volume so as not to disturb others.
2. After 10pm is QUIET TIME – no noise will be allowed. It is time to rest-up so we can all be refreshed and ready for new adventures in the morning.
3. If you would like for someone to visit, kindly arrange with us ahead of time. All visitors must leave by 10pm or they will be charged a fee. Should the visitor disturb any guests, in any way, they will no longer be welcome. You will be responsible for any damage you visitor may cause.
4. No smoking in the rooms or the communal area.
5. Please keep the public areas tidy (throw away your litter in the bins provided & clean up the kitchen area after you have made use of it).

Our communal area usually closes at 10pm and will reopen at 7am. Should you wish to make use of it outside of those hours, we will happily open up for you (as long as you are not disturbing others).

Also please take a look our CANCELLATION POLICY.